Aja Diamond Moore – a client of The Mabrey Firm – was awarded
an $8 million verdict by an Atlanta Jury for a debilitating traumatic
brain injury she suffered after striking her head in a Midtown parking
garage. John Mabrey and Matthew Stoddard from the Stoddard Firm represented
Ms. Moore during the trial against JPMCC – the limited partnership
who owned the parking structure.

Ms. Moore – who has since married and changed her last name to McCoy
– worked as an attorney at Hunton & Williams before she suffered
her traumatic brain injury. After parking in the garage that serviced
the Hunton & Williams office, Ms. Moore hit her head on a low-hanging
sprinkler pipe.

Under principles of premises liability law, a landowner has a duty to exercise
reasonable care to prevent injuries to those who enter their property.
This duty includes warning persons of dangerous conditions on their property
that are likely to cause a foreseeable injury to others.

Here, the pipe on which Ms. Moore struck her head was nearly imperceptible
as it was painted the same color as the garage’s walls. “Paint
it red and put a sign on it,” John Mabrey commented. “Make
it more conspicuous.”

Although she didn’t appear to suffer from any major cognitive impairment
after hitting her head, Ms. Moore would get frequent and unpredictable
severe headaches. The medication Ms. Moore’s doctors prescribed
to treat her headaches produced side effects that interfered with her
normal mental and physical function.

After nearly four hours of deliberations, the jury returned with a verdict
in Ms. Moore’s favor, awarding her just over $8 million in damages.
The damages award was comprised of $4.4 million in lost future wages,
$2.5 million for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering, $500,000
for lost past wages, and $212,000 for medical expenses.

However, the jury also found that Ms. Moore acted negligently, which partly
contributed to her injuries. As a result, the defendant would only have
to pay $6.3 million of Ms. Moore’s damages.

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