Roughly 1-in-4 US children are born via C-section. Many of these procedures are planned from the start, others are done as a last resort. However, when a doctor waits too long to perform a C-section, they can endanger the baby’s health. To understand the dangers of a delayed C-section, we need to understand why they happen and how it affects the baby.

Why the Delay?

There are many reasons for a delayed C-section. It’s most common when doctors realize, too late, that the baby cannot fit through the birth canal. It may also occur when labor comes to a halt, when there’s a sudden decrease of amniotic fluids, if the baby’s vitals abruptly change, or if there’s a placental abruption (meaning the placenta detached from the uterus).

In each of these situations, the doctor must devise an immediate plan of action. When the baby is stuck or otherwise cut off from oxygen, the risk of a birth injury, especially a brain injury, increases every second. In the case of placental abruption, the baby’s life is at stake.

What are the Consequences?

When birth cannot proceed naturally, the baby is deprived of oxygen. They suffocate, causing birth hypoxia, neonatal asphyxiation, or even cerebral palsy. The longer a doctor waits, the more likely the baby is to suffer permanent cognitive impairment.

At the same time, the pressure to finish the procedure quickly can put the mother at risk of bladder injury and uterine rupture from negligent medical techniques. Even when the baby’s health is secured, improper medical care can seriously injure the mother and result in long-lasting injuries.

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