Every state has different laws when it comes to car seat safety. Some states regulate a child’s safety by age alone. Others use height and weight. Georgia uses a mixture of the two systems, ensuring that children are both old enough to manage their restraints and large enough to sit safely.

Because Georgia children need to meet age, height, and weight requirements for car seat advancement, determining the right car seat can get a little complicated. That’s why we made this guide explaining what Georgia parents should know about car seats.

Rear-Facing Carrier

Children less than 12-months old and under 20lbs must use a rear-facing carrier seat. This can often be a standard baby carrier that’s anchored to the car with a base attachment, thus providing solid support.

It’s crucial that parents install anchors correctly. Studies suggest that the majority of car seat anchors are not correctly installed, putting infants at considerable risk of injury in an accident, even in a minor fender bender.

Forward-Facing Car Seat

Once a child graduates from the rear-facing seat, they move on to the forward facing-car seat. This system should still be anchored in place to prevent serious injury. Children must use the forward-facing seat until they are both 4-years-old and over 40lbs.

While some infant carriers convert into forward-facing car seats, children grow very quickly. Most parents will need to purchase a larger car seat before age four, especially if their child is taller.

Booster Seat

At 4-years-old and at least 40lbs, children can use a non-anchored booster seat until they are 8-years-old, over 80lbs, and taller than 4’9”. Under Georgia law, a child must meet all three criteria before they can advance to a standard seatbelt.

While these rules may sound restrictive, they are designed to keep kids safe while also accounting for differences in height and weight.

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