The US maternal mortality rate has been steadily rising for the past 30 years. Previously, we discussed the disproportionate impact this has had on the women across Georgia. Bringing any real change to this issue starts by identifying the risks during prenatal care and ensuring that new mothers are informed about their options. With that in mind, these are three of the most common risk factors of a maternal birth injury.

Pregnancy History

Typically, each successive birth increases the risk of a complication during the next pregnancy. This can be due to age or, more commonly, impacts from a previous delivery.

For example, a mother who has already had a C-section is at a much higher risk of bladder or bowel injury from the next procedure. For that reason, you should always keep your doctor up to date on your previous pregnancies and medical history.

Large Babies

Large babies are at a high risk of either becoming stuck in the birth canal or causing vaginal tearing and maternal bleeding, especially if this is the mother’s first vaginal delivery. If the baby becomes trapped in the birth canal, they may asphyxiate or even develop brain conditions, such as HIE.

Severe tearing caused during delivery may result in lasting incontinence or even corrective surgery. If you are pregnant for the first time and expecting a large baby, consider exploring assisted delivery options, like a C-Section.

Blood Pressure

Maternal blood pressure is one of the most serious predictive elements in the maternal mortality rate. More women, especially black women, are developing high blood pressure during pregnancy, which is why high blood pressure is a major contributing factor in 1-in-6 maternal deaths.

Doctors must take care to monitor blood pressure during prenatal care and in the delivery room. Staff must closely monitor the mother’s blood pressure before, during, and after delivery. If an expecting mother’s blood pressure is too higher, it could endanger her life and the life of her child.

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